What To Do on a Student’s Visit to London

The city of London is a fantastic place to visit at any age, but for a young student, it offers a particularly wide range of things to see and do. Samuel Johnson’s famous quote: “When you’re tired of London you’re tired of life” is still as relevant today as it was in his time because any visitor that gets tired in London very quickly, needs to be checked for a pulse. There is that much to do!

No matter which subject a student is studying, there will be something in London that informs their understanding – be it architecture, history, art, commerce, music or sciences, the city gives generously of her knowledge in all fields.

Getting Around

Travel in London is not a problem and if the black cabs are avoided it is relatively cheap, which is great for students. The underground system (the tube) is quick and efficient (mostly), however it is heavily used by commuters so it might be best avoided at rush hour. If you prefer to be above ground though, the bus services are frequent and they travel all over the city.

Where to Stay

As with any capital city in the world accommodation in the center do not often come cheap. Unless you can afford the city center prices it might be necessary to look for a hotel, bed and breakfast or guesthouse on the outskirts and use the tube or bus to get into the city. Hotels in London vary enormously in quality and price so it is essential to shop around for a good deal.

Historic Highs

Justly proud of its heritage, any trip must include a minimum of historical checkpoints. Monarchy fans head for Buckingham Palace, the finest in a string of royal residences. Those who want to check out the whole royal set can also head for St James’ Palace, Kensington Palace and Clarence House to get a feel for how the other half live.

To gain an insight into how those who got on the wrong side of the monarchy were treated, the Tower of London has the inside story. Alternatively, those who like their history tinged with horror can try the scary delights of the London Dungeon on the South Bank – those who make it through to the other side without screaming are few and far between.

Historical tours and events are also a great way to experience the history of London and you will learn so much at the same time. The Royal Tour of London will take you to the residencies of both royal and political leaders of London and provide you with lots of great information and a few entertaining anecdotes as well. The Tower of London’s “Ceremony of the Keys” takes place every night and has done so without fail for the past 700 years, and The Jack the Ripper Tour would also be a great option for anyone who loves a good mystery. These tours and events are perfect for a whole range of students who are studying subjects like history, English literature, technology, economics and sociology, so get your learning cap on and have fun at the same time!

Sharp Shopping

Market buffs that love a good bargain and want to give haggling a go are in for a real treat in London. Whether it’s Portobello Market with its charming stalls of vintage and antique goods, Camden Market with its famous counter-culture draw and laid back vibe or the vibrant buzz of Brick Lane or Greenwich Markets – they are spread all over the city, so visiting them all makes a great way of combining a love of exploration with shopping. The big up-market shops on and around Oxford street like Selfridges and Harrods are brilliant to look around, although they won’t be so kind on a student’s purse!

Fabulously Free

For research purposes, or simply a great day out, museums and art galleries in London are unbeatable. Whether it’s the legendary British Museum, the stunning Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate Modern and The Tate Gallery, The National Gallery or The Science Museum – a memorable day can easily be spent in all these places. And many of them are free to get in, leaving more money left over for late night entertainment! There are also lots of great free comedy nights in London, so if you need a laugh after exploring The Natural History Museum or The Imperial War Museum all day, this is a great cheap option to unwind at the end of the day.

London at Night

The West End has famous theatre shows to check out, but for an edgier, more student-biased entertainment, where beer is cheap and music is loud, we suggest you look elsewhere. The most popular venues include lively Bar Rumba near Leicester Square, which has happy hour and drinks deals, or try The Penthouse on a Tuesday in the same area – with a student focused program of low prices and high octane music. Dancing all night creates an appetite so before catching the last tube or hopping on the night bus, head for cheap eats – the tastiest deals are often found at Vietnamese and Chinese outlets dotted around the city.

A student’s life in London can be rich and exciting when you know where to look, and it doesn’t have to break then bank! Take in the popular sights, but look a little deeper and discover some of the hidden gems this wonderful city has to share.

Cruising into Romance

The ocean cruise has become one of the most popular forms of vacation for couples that are looking for a romantic getaway. With the ever-increasing variety of amenities that are offered on board the most modern cruise ships, the experience can combine some of the best aspects of luxury, sunshine vacations, and exotic travel. What is more, the number of routes that are open for cruises around the world, and around the calendar, mean that the time can always be right for some ocean-going romance.


How cruises can be ideal for couples and for romance


There are a number of reasons for the consistent popularity of cruise vacations as a romantic option for couples. One of the more obvious aspects of the cruise vacation is that it enables travel to a number of different locations without the continual packing and unpacking of luggage. With a booking in a luxurious stateroom on board ship, a couple can travel to some of the finest exotic islands and coastlines in the world with the minimum of trouble. In addition, the nature of the cruise ship environment means that the sunbathing, dining, and shopping on board the vessel are safely available, removing concerns about hygiene and security in the port of call. An idyllic evening, sipping a glass of champagne and watching the sunset, can be enjoyed in a controlled environment in any cruise destination.


Some of the most romantic cruise routes


Some cruise routes, such as the various options for Mediterranean cruises, have become almost intrinsically associated with the idea of the romantic vacation. Routes can be extravagant in exploring new places or can focus on a smaller geographical area. A full Mediterranean cruise is one possibility, but a cruise among, for example, the Greek islands can hold an enchantment of its own. Destinations such as Istanbul, Tunis, and Crete can be easily explored from a Mediterranean cruise liner. Another area that has become almost synonymous with the romantic cruise itinerary is the Caribbean, which offers an extensive selection of islands and nations as ports of call. Ports in the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and the Dominican Republic can add a particularly exotic flavor to a romantic itinerary.


Some advantages of cruise ships


As well as providing the convenience of a floating luxury hotel, cruise ships provide other advantages for couples in search of romance. The dining and program of entertainment on a cruise liner, for instance, can be easy to organize around a special occasion, such as a birthday or an anniversary, without worrying about local reservations at a port of call. The controlled number of people on board ship also means that access to facilities such as pools and sun decks can be better than, for example, in a beach resort at the height of the season. Furthermore, the quality of amenities such as spa treatments and cabin dining can be assured on board ship, in a setting that is comfortably familiar but with ever-changing scenery and sights.